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The "Lady" in Charge

Shanica Garrison- Immigration Specialist

Type This, LLC. was founded in 2013 by Shanica Wilkinson, a seasoned legal assistant with over twenty-eight years experience.


Shanica began working as an immigration paralegal in New York City. Several years later she transitioned into bankruptcy law starting on the debtor side. She later advanced to working  with creditor represented law firms. Shanica vast legal knowledge was acquired by working along side top-tier lawyers.


Shanica law experience includes product liability litigation, personal injury, real estate matters, mortgage loan process, and procedures.


Shanica's main objective for Type This is to assist people with the preparation of documents, applications, and forms by providing professional, time-saving, and affordable assistance- tackling the simplest things to what would appear to be the most complicated matters.

Type This  as a "Social Entrepreneurship" can also provide immigration services to those who want to help themselves. By offering a community service for affordable fees, most clients we able to accomplish their immigration goals without having to deal with non-profit organization red tape or long delays. More importantly, client have been able to avoid huge immigration attorney fees and costs.

Abiding and honoring federal and state legalities Shanica found a niche within a a very monopolized legal circuit. Combining both her administrative skills and legal  experience Shanica was able get ahead of the competition.



Owner of Type This, Ltd.



LISTEN for yourself..........

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