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What is a Immigration Assistant Provider? 


Immigration Assistance Individual


Shanica Garrison
License No:  IAPI00071
Immigration assistance provider means any person who is licensed to provide immigration assistance.
Georgia law allowing immigration assistant providers


Georgia law allowing immigration assistant providers

The Registration of Immigration Assistance Act, O.C.G.A. , Title 43, Chapter 20A, regulates companies  and individuals that provide immigration assistance in Georgia.  Immigration Assistance is defined as any service provided to clients for compensation related to immigration matters, such as completing government agency forms.   It does not include legal advice, recommending a specific course of legal action, or providing any other assistance that requires legal analysis, legal judgment, or the interpretation of the law.   Immigration Assistance Providers must register with the Office of the Secretary of State to provide immigration assistance unless exempted by the Act.  The Act gives authority to the Secretary of State to take disciplinary action against those persons and companies who violate its provisions. 

Approved by Georgia State Secretary
An  immigration  assistance  provider licensee may  perform the following  immigration assistance:


  • Completing a government agency form on behalf of the client and appropriate to the client́s needs;

  • Transcribing responses to a government  agency form which is related to  an  immigration  matter; provided, however, that advice shall not be offered to a client as to his or her answers on such forms;

  • Translating information on forms to a client and translating the client ́s answers to questions posed on such forms;

  •  Securing for the client supporting  documents  currently  in  existence,  such  as  birth  and  marriage certificates, which may be needed to be submitted with government agency forms;

  • Notarizing signatures on government agency forms, provided that the person performing the service is a notary public commissioned in the State of Georgia and is lawfully present in the United States;

  • Preparing or arranging for the preparation of photographs and fingerprints;

  • Arranging for the performance of medical testing (including Xrays and AIDS tests) and the obtaining of reports of such test results; and

  • Performing  such  other  services  that  the  Secretary  of  State  determines  by  rule  may  be  appropriately performed by such licensees.

If you don't qualify if your are not the below following



You as the potential client must:

  1. Be over 18 years old

  2. Have had your green card for more than 5 years (3 years if you’re married to a US citizen)

  3. Be able to speak, read, and write English

  4. Be able to pass a test on US civics and History (study materials are available upon request)

  5. Have a clean criminal record for the past five years (since 2012)

A  contract  to  provide  any  service  in  conjunction  with  immigration  assistance  shall  clearly  state  the obligations of the immigration assistance provider and the client who is to receive such service.

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