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Type This, LLC. is a dedicated to providing dependable and professional administrative in-sourcing administrative services to businesses and A to Z document preparation for individuals. 

Our measured success set by those who choose us based on their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of price, service, and expertise.

  • We are committed to providing V.I.P. service to all clients from the smallest orders to the biggest order.

  • We are  a successful staple part of the community by offering quality and professional finished products at affordable prices.

  • We are committed to developing and sustaining  healthy beneficial relationships with our clients by providing excellent customer service.


Trust always goes both ways and we are committed to providing you trustworthy agents who care about you.

We have taken every measure to ensure that you will receive stellar quality and affordable services in doing so we have first established our business as being recognized by the Secretary of State, we are bonded and we have obtained professional liability insurance to protect you- our client.

We are committed to providing you honest pricing and reliable turn around time on finished requested items.

If we are 100% honest, professional, and trustworthy, we expect our clients to provide us with the same courtesy-

Scammers beware that we are a legit business providing a legit service for those in need.

Unscrupulous individuals who attempt to defraud or misrepresent themselves falsely in any way to obtain any documentation will be reported to the authorities.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and to our communities and abide the right to turn away any one who presents falsehoods or deceit.

We have the right to remain selective in who we choose to assist.

Type This, LLC. is registered with the Georgia Secretary of State

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Type This LLC. (“Type This”), can ONLY transpose given information onto official forms (VERBATIM). We are NOT Attorneys. NO Attorney  or law office supervises, manages, or advises Type This. Type This has NO formed partnership with any Attorney or law office.  Type This will ONLY assist Prose individuals who face challenging financial hardships that hinder them from retaining affordable legal representation. These individuals have assumed their consumer right, acquired gainful knowledge, and understand their legal responsibilities to proceed on their own accord. Type This cannot advise or divulge ANY legal advice.  All individuals must know beforehand, what application, form, or document is needed. Type This CANNOT instruct or suggest  which forms or applications to use.

LEGAL COUNSULATION WITH AN ATTORNEY IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND ACTIVELY ENCOURAGED before contacting Type This or any document preparer to prepare  any document that is considered to be a "legal" document. Type This WILL NOT violate under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE any UNAUTHORIZED PRACTICE OF LAW including all codes or rules for the states of Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia, and Colorado.  If an individual HAS NOT sought out legal consultation with an Attorney, as a courtesy, Type This will refer those individuals free of charge to a randomly chosen  licensed Attorney  who actively practices within their local area.





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