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You have decided to take matters into your own hands. 

We know that it was not an easy choice to make.

  Entering the legal arena alone qualifies that you are







Let’s face it, lawyers can be expensive and the Legal Aid Society have become overwhelmed with limited resources.  The public courts and staff are ALL prohibited from assisting you. Court clerks are unable to answer your questions nor can they provide you with any legal advice.


Having no other options, you are left to your own devices to figure it out. 


You are S.M.A.R.T. and all of your paperwork is ready to go because you knew exactly what you needed; you have fulfilled your due diligence.


Is there a way to polish your document? 

How important is it to have your paperwork look professional, readable, and presentable?



We are A ProSe *scrivener typing service

Type This offers “verbatim” (scrivener) typing service to ProSe filers who exercise their consumer right and consumer choice to have their paperwork professionally transcribed or typed.

Not only would it read well, but it will allow the judge, clerk, and opposing counsel to focus on the facts rather than paying attention to the quality of your  document. 


Simply put, it would make their jobs easier and this can only benefit you in the long run.  Imagine having a frustrated judge or annoying the opposing counsel because he or she is trying to decipher your handwriting while trying to  overlook countless typographical errors.

Looks are not everything and this may be true in some situations, however, when you are PROSE- looks are everything.

Type This will go out of our way to make you and your paperwork look good.

Your  Responsibility as a Prose filer:

  • Provide information verbally or written

  • Provide a clean and legible copy of the document to be transcribe

Type This' Responsibility:

  • Produce a professional error free typed/transcribed document per the client’s request and instruction

  • Submit typographical error free document for client review and approval

  • Revise, edit, and correct paperwork per the client’s given instruction

  • Type and or transcribe verbal or written information provided by the client word for word- VERBATIM


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