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  • Coordinate Meetings, Conferences, and Conference Calls

  • Create and Revise Systems, Processes, and Procedures

  • Analyze Operating Procedures

  • Update and Maintain Recordkeeping Systems

  • Formulate Budgetary Requirements

  • Complete Word Processing Assignments

  • Arrange Travel/Accommodations

Small business



Business's landscape has changed the way companies look to streamline operations in order to reduce operational expenses (OPEX).

Type This in-source processes reduce expenses by sub-contracting specific projects and assignments to outside support.

Type This back office support can help any business remotely or in-office to the business owner’s specifications.

Businesses looking for “back office” support will internally receive various “in-source” administrative services.

We have the best experts to handle all of your business needs.  All projects and assignments will be completed in a timely matter, if not ahead of schedule

Just as there are advantages to utilizing independent sub-contracting engagements, there are also disadvantages as reported by unsatisfied customers who outsource from other agencies.  Acknowledging the weaknesses, Type This, LLC. can take into serious consideration how to formulate a plan to overcome the cons, which include the client’s loss of control of processing the work product. 

 Type This, LLC. avoids this by taking instructions from the client from start to finish.  The client will always be in control of the work and work product processes.


Some businesses have complained that when they use other independent sub-contractors they lose the ability to control how to perform the service and may have a hard time scheduling the services when the independent contractor works for multiple clients. 


Type This, LLC. can avoid this by making sure to complete all accepted assignments by the expected deadline date and allotting work orders accordingly by not overbooking or overextending our agents.


Another disadvantage is that businesses also lose the ability to terminate without cause.  Terminating the services of an independent contractor must be in accordance with the notice requirements set forth in the parties’ agreement or the business will face liability for breach of contract.  


Type This, LLC. is not in the business of retaining unhappy customers tied to a contract agreement.  If an individual or company is not satisfied with their received services, Type This, LLC. will terminate the contract.

We cannot fail to mention the disadvantages faced by businesses exposing themselves to liability with regards to confidentiality.


Type This, LLC. will maintain the strictest levels of security and confidentiality regarding any work product.  Type This, LLC. cannot overstate the importance of memorializing contractually.  The precise nature of such relationships as well as the parties’ explicit understanding of where liability lies should the issue arises.  Strict measures and precautions must exist to safeguard the client and Type This, LLC. from any harm or extensive liability.






Eliminating the disadvantages removes the barriers prohibiting businesses from utilizing a Type This agent to fulfill a specialized need.

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