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There are some people who know how to do the necessary paperwork, but they do not have the time. Individuals that find themselves in situations like this need a fast, professional, and affordable typing service. There should be a place where everybody can go, hand over a document and simply ask can you type this


We Service
Individuals                Business Owners               Non-Profit Organizations

Low cost for Veterans

We also provide low-cost or free assistance to armed service veterans, overcoming domestic violence individuals who may need help with general forms such as job assistance, immigration assistance,  and education. 

Type This, LLC staff of professional, skilled agents are seasoned individuals who take pride in their work. We provide outstanding customer care service completing high standard work products per the customer's request.

All Type This' Agents must surpass strict rigorous evaluation and testing.


No work product will be contracted outside of Type This.  


All work products will be completed by the agent who started the assignment.  


Our Agents must possess some of the following skills to complete specified work orders:


  •  Legal and office experience

  •  Word Processing, Excel, Pro-Law, PowerPoint, Transcription, Access

  • Quickens, Bookkeeping, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word 10.0, Excel, Windows

  • Graphic Art, Desktop Publishing

  • Time Matters, Outlook, Internet, Email, Google Drive, Zoho, Mail Chimp

  • PACER/ECF Filings (Electronic document filing)

  • Best Case,  CITRIX, Immigration Drafting System, Vendorscape, Lenstar, ClairFire,

  • LexisNexis, West Law, CORRIDOR (Legal billing system)

  • Social Media Network and Management

We can customized packages according to your needs.

We are available daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly,  according to your schedule.

Virtual Assistant

Typing assignments can be received by email, fax, or curbside drop off.

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